Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lucky in December

Not only did we get about 5 inches of snow in December (unheard of down south)- it decided to stick around for a few days. Most of the front yard and by the garage melted within two days but our side yard is quite shaded and gets no afternoon sun. So although the afternoons earlier this week were in the 40's- we still had snow until mid-week.

If we're lucky- we get one, maybe two, snowfalls a year. And- maybe one snowstorm a decade. So...having snow in December and then being able to play in it for three days is quite the treat for our kids. And of course when it snows there's nothing better than playing w/ friends- which is what the kids have been doing this week.
Todd's been on a roll fixing things left and right this week and turning into quite the handyman- although he might be ready to hang his tool belt up and head back to the office before long.

New Year's is oh so close- only one full day left of 2010. I look forward to 2011 and what it has in store for our family.

A few more pics of the kids playing in the snow:

Until next year...

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