Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Last Time

Our last trip to the beach this summer was wonderful. We filled our time with nothing but relaxation and fun. And of course eating some yummy meals- which is a prerequisite when the Milligan family is together.

We went back on the boat Sunday afternoon. This time we didn't fish for crabs in the creeks, we headed straight for the island - right where the creek meets the ocean. We brought snacks, beverages, towels, chairs and toys (and a few rods for the big boys). The fish were jumping like crazy and we saw a dolphin and a stingray jump while we were playing on the shore. It was great.

The big boys were in charge of packing up the boat.

We had to wait until 1:15 to hit the water because of the tides. The kids passed the time with a game of Hot Potato in the back of Poppy's truck.

As soon as we arrived at the island the kids hopped in the ocean with their life jackets on and I busted out the camera, of course.

I felt the urge to be creative (or in my eyes creative). Since those urges only come along a couple of times a year I had to act on it.

Jack found his very first sand dollar. I've never found a fully intact one- so he's one lucky kid.

The big boys did a little fishing- no luck this time.

Ri spent her time on the shore and in the water. She actually went into the ocean and played a little bit. There are no big waves on the island- just a few mini ones right on the shore.

Much to my chagrin- Jack went tubing. I was scared to death for him- but he loved it and did great. Of course Uncle Jeff kept the boat at almost idle speed, but it was a start! I didn't grab my camera until his ride was over but you get the point.

And some more pics of our day:

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend!

Until next time...

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