Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Good News and Some Not So Good News

Let's start with the good news.

Jack loves his class. Loves his teacher. Loves his classmates.

And lucky for him, I like his teacher too. I wouldn't say I looove her- time will tell that. But by the time I get that figured out she'll be a stay-at-home-mommy.

Yep. Jack's teacher is pregnant. She's leaving in mid-November for the remainder of the year. We have already met her replacement. She's great and the rumor mill says she might even be better than Jack's teacher now. Again- time will tell.

It wasn't hard to get into the routine of school. Bed time is 8:00 this year. He's pretty easy to wake. I'm picking him up in the walker line so we're home by 2:05. So far so good.

On the good news front, baseball starts next week. This is great news for Jack. He's about to crawl out of his skin for baseball to start. Riley claims she's excited for t-ball. Although the other day Todd took her outside to practice on the tee and she lasted about 3 1/2 minutes, proclaiming "It's too hot. I'm sweaty." Oh boy.

On to the bad news....

Our first born, Kodiak, is sick. He has diabetes. We are hoping that's all it is and can be managed through diet and insulin shots, which we started tonight.

Our vet tends to think the diabetes is secondary to other problems. He has a UTI and ear infections and his blood work shows that his liver and kidneys are out of whack and he may have pancreatitis. It saddens me beyond words to think that this might be the beginning of the end for our Kody Bear. I cringe at the thought of our daughter not having her Bear Bear to snuggle with, to lean on, to crawl all over. He is her life. He is her toy. Man. What a day that is going to be; let's hope it's not for a long time.

We will be giving him insulin shots, along with his other meds and for the next month the vet will monitor his glucose levels. If they can be managed with the insulin then we're only looking at diabetes. If his glucose continues to be out of control chances are we are looking at something much more serious. Let's pray for the former.

So for now I leave you with some favorite pictures of our Bear:

Until next time...


Tupelo Honey said...

Oh sorry to hear about Bear. Praying it's all handled with meds at this point!!

tsdelity said...

I love that picture of Kody (when jack was a wee little boy. That is how I will remember him. Sweet, shiny coat and full of love to go around.

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