Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Over and Over Again

I know, I know. I get quite a bit camera slap-happy when we're at the beach. Something about the natural lighting, the waves, those tan babies of mine (ok- not quite babies), and my own controlfreakishness desire to document my kids lives that takes over. Thank God for digital.

So this is what it's like, usually, for us at the beach. A play by play, if you will:

Jack dumps shoes, rips shirt off and runs into ocean.

I grab my camera and the slaphappiness begins.

Ri wines and complains about the 'ocean getting her' and stays away from the water.

I ignore those wines and complaints (bad mom) and continue to click away.

And then I notice when Jack is shirtless how really tiny he is. Poor thing.

Jack digs for treasures, finding odd shells, seaweed and other goods.

Ri continues her wining. Giving me dirty looks along the way.

Finally she realizes that it really is low tide and the baby pools are safe from the SCARY waves.

And then she begins to have fun.

And more and more fun.

Meanwhile Jack scoops up his boogie board and goes to town.

And of course I stay on the prowl for photo ops.

And Jack plows himself onto the boogie board over and over again (video from last blog).

And that's it.

Until next time...

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