Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Babes

Since it's such a shock that Riley Milligan actually PLAYED in the ocean - twice in one week- I thought I'd share some more pictures.

Just in case she decides to do a 180 and stay out of the ocean for a while.

Or just in case it's high tide the next time we head down to the beach to play.

But don't be fooled - notice there are no waves in the background. Ri still doesn't like the waves. Maybe one day she will.

Every few minutes or so Ri would pop over to the chair and have a sip of her Sprite. The girl would BATHE in soda if I let her. For real.

After chillin' at the beach for a couple of hours we headed to the pool. I like the whole beach-then-pool routine for one main reason: it's gets the sand off of their little bodies.

Until next time...

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