Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday


Those are the names you have acquired the past four years.
Four years exactly.
Today at 3:39 p.m. you will turn FOUR.
My baby is growing up.
My baby is no longer is baby. No longer a toddler. But a big girl.

Here are you are at age one:

Age Two:
(still see those fat rolls)

Age Three:

And here you are today:

You've been through a lot this year:

You were finally potty trained - during the day.
You learned to ride a bike with training wheels.
You started writing your letters.
You went to school three days a week.
You became even more attached to your momma than ever.
You took your first trip to Martha's Vineyard.
You flew on an airplane for the first time.
You fell in love with reading even more.

You took swimming lessons and even started swimming on your own with no floatie:

Your love affair with sugar grew deeper and deeper:

You went on your very first boat ride:

Your obsession with a dog named Kody grew ever larger:

You loved your three year old preschool teacher, Mrs. Zubel:

You took gymnastics and came a looong way:

You spent A LOT of time outside:

You posed for a quite a few pictures for your mother:

You started golf lessons with your father (well- you've had 'one' lesson):

You enjoyed TWO snowfalls:

You took dance (ballet/tap combo) and loved every minute of it:

You went to the park more times than you mom can count:

You napped in weird places (certainly never in your bed and only 1 -2 times a month):

You touched the ocean ON purpose:

And through it all you remained my fiesty little girl.
My independent young lady.
My free spirited, strong willed, lovable only girl.

I love you my dear Riley.

Happy 4th Birthday.

Until next time...

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