Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Those three words about sum us up right now. Between dance, end of school stuff, baseball and regular life stuff we have not slowed down one bit. It's been a bit crazy- but I can't stand to be bored so it works.

Jack's team finally made it back on the baseball field this weekend. All of the rain cancelled our practices but it didn't matter- the Braves won 10-0. We looked impressive. If we win one more game we'll play in the tournament championship. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Ri had her very first dance recital. It was awesome. She did great. All of my apprehensions were thrown out the window. She danced all of her moves and managed to squeak out a smile or two in the process. I think we'll keep dancin' next year. She has a Bella Ballerina Camp this week at her dance studio.

The boys almost didn't make it. They were running WAAAY ahead of schedule- much to the chagrin of many parents. In fact, Todd sat down with only one dance to go before Ri's. Talk about nerves.

Her Gammy and Poppy brought her these pretty cool flowers from their backyard. They smelled up our house - in a good way! :-)

Ri had a few friends over at the end of last week. She was beside herself that she was having not one, but three, friends over and was ready to go three hours before they came over. The girls were really cute and got along great. They spent a bit of time outside bouncing, riding, scooting and just having fun.

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