Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This and That

The sandbox has been getting a workout lately.
It's especially fun the day after it rains. It's not soaking wet anymore - but the sand is easy to mold.
And it sticks to your skin.
Jack likes to build roads, bridges and tunnels.
He still has the same old raggedy trucks that have weathered the elements for a few years.
Those trucks used to live INSIDE our house- back when he was two and three years old.
When I bust out my camera for some sandbox pics Ri never minds- Jack gets annoyed.
Probably something I should get used to. I suppose.

Only three more days of school for Riley. Wednesday. Friday. And Monday.
Monday doesn't really count b/c I drop her off at 9:00 and then have to be back by 10:00 for her end-of-the-year program.
So really- it's only two more days.
She is doing some camps this summer though. A dance camp. Vacation bible school. A preschool camp. And probably one at the Y in August.
August is always a LOOOONG month.
But this year we'll hit the beach the first week and then the kids will have camp the 2nd week.
So- not so bad. I hope.


Ever wondered what the inside of a magnolia flower looks like?
Me either.
Just in case you were wondering- here you go:

I think it's pretty cool.
We have this magnolia tree on our side yard and I've never snapped photos of it.
Until now.


We're growing a garden again this year.
Just some tomatoes, herbs and cut flowers.
In fact- lots of tomatoes.
And Jack's beanstalk he brought home from school.
And- Ri's watermelon seed she brought home from school.

The funny thing is we bought some tomatoes and Todd's Dad gave us some he grew in his greenhouse from seeds.
The ones we 'bought' are growing S.L.O.W.L.Y.
The ones from the greenhouse? Rapid fire.
I bet the ones from the greenhouse will taste better too.

The only exception to this is one I bought from the GROCERY STORE to plant on the deck.
A last minute buy - just to try a veggie in a pot.
It's growing faster than rapid fire.
In fact- it already has tomatoes on it.
It's the middle of May and we already have tomatoes.
I hope they're good.

Until next time...

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