Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming to a Close


I cannot believe that your first year of big kid school and your first season of big kid baseball are coming to a close. I'll save the school post for a couple of weeks, when school is over. But for now- let's talk about how far you've come this season.

I am immensely proud of you. For so many reasons. There are too many to count, but for just a minute- let's focus on baseball.

As a small kid you tended to be quite shy and lacked much confidence. Your Dad and I were a tad bit worried for some time. We don't want you to be over confident and cocky, but we want both you and Riley to believe in yourselves and have the self-confidence you will need to succeed in life.

Something changed around the time you went through Transitional Kindergarten and started playing sports. You began to blossom. To believe in yourself. To be a silent leader. To have that confidence that we so desperately wanted you to have.

This season was a big test. No more tee to hit from. No more small field. No more coaches in the outfield telling you what to do. I'll admit, I was nervous for you. I was nervous that you wouldn't be able to make contact with the ball.

But you did fine. You've hit the ball well all season (until the last three games). You can catch it overhand now. You don't need the coaches to tell you what to do on defense. You got it Jack. It all came together. The funny thing is the commissioner called to see if you wanted to sign up for All Stars. Seems the coaches think you're pretty good on defense. I won't tell you they called b/c Daddy and I don't think you're ready- and aren't ready to pay for another mini-season of summer ball. Maybe next year- if you're ready and they still want you.

But most of all: you loved it. You never once complained about going - well except for the time you had the stomach flu coming on and we didn't know it. :( You always listened to your coaches and did what was expected of you.

Your team finished 12-2. Last night was for the regular season championship and we lost. It's ok. You played great defense and managed to come out of your hitting slump, thank goodness.

Now we move on to the tournament. It's double elimination. We should go pretty far. I hope you stay out of your slump and continue to play well on defense.

But- most of all- have fun. Enjoy every moment. You're making memories of a lifetime Jack.

And in just a short three months fall season will be up and running. Thank goodness, because by then you'll be having baseball withdrawals.

Go Braves.
Until next time...

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