Thursday, April 29, 2010

A List

Jack's tooth is still loose. STILL.

He wiggles it all the time. (See pics below).

It's a wonder he's not sick all the time, since his fingers live in his mouth.

Ri has only six more dance classes left until her recital.

I wonder if she'll even 'dance' during her recital.

Or will she just stand there?

Kody Bear is having minor surgery on Friday.

He has this thing on this eyelid that won't go away- and needs to.

Wonder what that vet bill is going to look like?

Hey- on a bright note- he's lost 1o lbs.

Here's a shout out to GREEN BEANS! They DO work for dogs.

Going to the Quail Hollow Golf Tournament today with Todd and Jack.

No- not taking Ri- she's going across the street. Much more fun hanging with a friend.

And much more fun without her! :-)

Taking Jack back to the golf tourney tomorrow - he gets to bring a buddy tomorrow.

Tired. Kids wake up too darn early. I'd like to see 6:30 on the clock when my eyes first open.

Not 5:00- something.

Riley's been 'reading' this book called "I Like Bugs" to me every night.

She actually has the thing memorized.

Listening to her 'read' is bittersweet. She's growing up fast.

Jack's reading is going strong. I just gotta get him to talk more about what he reads.

He thinks if he can read the words that's all that matters.

Uhhh- nope. Sorry.

Neither one of my kids likes chewy steak.

Guess I wont' make stir-fry with stew meat again. Oops.

Little nervous for Jack's endo appointment next month. Not sure how much's he's grown this year.

Please Jack. Gain. Some. Weight.

Jack's team is still undefeated. 7-0.

Here are some pics from last night's game.

Notice the 'wiggle wiggle?'

Not sure what's going to happen early June when ball is over.

Jack will need something to help him through the withdrawals.

That's it.

Until next time...

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