Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Last Few Days

We've been havin' some fun here in DeBordieu the last few days. Steve and Gretchen are up in NYC with Emma for three days and my mom headed down to join us for some fun.

There is so much to do down here that I have a hard time sitting around the house. I want to gogogogo... kind of like I am at home. But down here.... there are many many more things to do:

We certainly enjoy the beach and the kids (the big ones) still swim in it, even when it's FREEZING!
No thanks!

(of course Ri just sits on the sidelines- just chillin' or sometimes making sandcastles)

We frequent the park. This time we remembered chalk and had a ball outlining each other.

Need I say more?

There are awesome trees to climb.

At least one of my kids still likes to go down slides.

And Jack likes to climb.

We go crabbing. Poppy had a crab trap and if we are lucky enough to catch some big ones we boil them up and eat 'em.

And we chase alligators (just kidding). We do go on cart rides and look for them. Todd took this picture and I did NO cropping- he was close.

We ride bikes. The best is when we can ride on the golf course.

And of course fish. The kids like to go in the backyard pond, find sticks, and play 'fishing.'

Until next time...

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Tupelo Honey said...

Nice shots! Looks like great weather for you guys too.

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