Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Three P's

So Scoop's been under the weather. From 1:30 a.m Sunday night (or early Monday a.m. until 8:00 Monday night she could keep nothing- and I mean nothing- in her little system. My heart ached for her.

For some reason my patience level rises when my little ones are hurting. I hate it.

So - we spent the entire day yesterday chilling and watching Nemo- in between the Lysol spraying and wiping and laundry. In a weird kind of way it was nice- just Ri and I- hanging out. No errands, no dance, so swim, no one else. Just us. And lots of snuggles.

She woke this a.m. raring to go. From the looks of her today you would never know nothing happened.

I guess all it took was some Play-Doh, pretzels and a princess skirt:

And- it's SNOWING like crazy outside. Just nothing is sticking. :(

Until next time...

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