Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Night

Jack made his own milkshake by vigorously swishing his spoon round and round in his vanilla ice cream w/ crushed Oreos. Once he obtained the consistency he wanted, he poured the homemade milkshake into a Dixie cup and proceeded to tilt his head back and let the vanilla-oreo-slushie drip drip drip into his mouth.


I put Ri to bed and turned on the Olympics. Curling was on. CNBC that is. It's crazy how much air time the Olympics get these days. Cable. Mainstream TV. Internet. Newspaper. Facebook. Twitter. Magazines. It's everywhere. I guess you have to be living under a massive, or not so massive, rock to NOT know what's going on.

I know absolutely NOTHING about curling. Looks a little bit like this game I used to play in a bar in college, the only bar that we could get into underage. Sshh. But that's beside the point.

My point is this: this woman commentator was on TV talking about all things curling and they were doing a close up on her. Jack was watching and enjoying his dessert. Todd was standing in the kitchen and says something like:

What's that?

Jack (looking at that not-so-attractive-woman-commentator) and says: It's a HOTTIE!

A hottie?

Todd and I were in in hysterics. We could not stop laughing. Jack was like: "What????"

I finally composed myself enough to ask him: What's a hottie Jack?

He says: "It's a woman with big earrings!"

Oh my oh my oh my...... he says someone told him that. Yeah- right.

Todd- wanting his BIG boy to know exactly what a 'hottie' is runs into the bathroom, grabs the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated and shows Jack the cover and says:

Now- this is a hottie!

Just a typical night around here.

Until next time...


Tupelo Honey said...

Too funny!!!

JLMattson said...

Cute story!

tsdelity said...

THAT is some funny stuff!

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