Monday, February 22, 2010

A few reasons I love DeBordieu

WARNING: This post is an advertisement for the community of DeBordieu.

There are many reasons I love DeBordieu. It is a serene and undeniably gorgeous place. We are so fortunate that Todd's parents decided to retire there and build a home with enough room for all of us to visit whenever we want. :-)

We spend a good deal of time down at the beach. As the kids grow and become more involved in sports and activities I am sure our time chillin' at the beach will decrease. But- we do love it and there is so much to do and love.

There are loads and loads of alligators. They pretty much semi-hibernate in the water and mud during the winter but we saw a doozie today:

There are also TONS of deer. Some people think it's pretty cool to have deer meandering around their community, but they eat any plant that smells good - so they can be quite annoying too.

And there are some really cool birds as well:

There is a great park down by the beach. They have lots of swings, sand volleyball court and a basketball court - which Jack loves.

And of course the golf course. We have spent oodles and oodles of time there over the years. I am usually wielding my camera- annoying Jack with my click-click-clicks. Now it's Ri's turn too. Todd is going to try - keyword try- and teach her how to play. Jack was 3 1/2 when Todd first started teaching him so we'll see if she has the Milligan golf talent too.

The palm trees. Ohhh- the palm trees. They are everywhere. They are beautiful and gorgeous.

And last but not least - the beach. No words needed here.

Until next time...


JLMattson said...

Great pictures! I especially like the alligator. I never seem to have my camera when we see the big ones, but I have zillions of the alligator daycare pond near the beach. LOVE the beach too! -J

Sales Executive said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiice....I love when write about DeBordieu!

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