Monday, May 4, 2009

While she sleeps...

Jack and I had a fun afternoon on Monday while Ri slept forEVER.

While Jack was busy building the "Anakin Ship-something-or-another" yesterday, I was playing w/ my camera. That led to a mini photo shoot w/ this thingamajiggie that he built.

(Don't ask me where that name came from. I have NO earthly idea.)

It started w/ lots of random Lego pieces:

And included some lights so the dude could see while driving this Anakin-thingie.

This dude, below, is the one who needs to see.

That gray thing is where the steam comes out.

A view from behind.

And that is the engine.

That's R2D2 up there watching over everyone. (With a little Cheetos on the side).

He looks mean, huh?

Hummm.. I guess this is a side view.

Ready for battle.

And- not to be forgotten. Here is a pic of Ri's Penelope Peapod bed, her favorite little baby doll.

And yes, here's the proof I need to show Jack's future wife that my FIVE and A HALF YEAR OLD SON still sucks his thumb and loves his Dee.
For the love of God.

Until next time...

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