Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain, rain, STAY away

Jack has playoffs this week. Yes. His t-ball league does playoffs. I guess they have to get used to it at some point anyway.

But. Mother Nature has another plan for these little boys.

Wednesday's games were cancelled. So the teams who were supposed to play Wednesday night were pushed back to last night, which meant our 6:00 game last night was pushed back to 7:30. That meant we were planning on being at the ball park until about 9:00 last night. That's super late for our kids (and me to be honest w/ you) so I made them nap yesterday. Ri napped for two hours and Jack power-napped for 2 1/2 hours. Needless to say they were raring to go.

Jack got his uniform on and we were almost ready when the sky turned dark. Dark enough where we needed lights on in the house. Out of nowhere the wind slammed the screen porch door open and shut. Open and shut. We decided to wait it out at home instead of heading to the ballfield.

I went out onto the porch, watching the leaves whip around and feeling the energy of this monster storm approach. Ri comes out. Next thing you know, Mr. Thunder (sssunder to Ri) cracked a big boomer. After about a 1 second pause Ri screamed bloody murder, popped her eyes out of her head and hopped in my lap faster than I have ever seen her. It was kind of funny. I would have laughed but that girl was genuinely scared. Probably the most scared I have ever seen her. Poor thing.

As luck would have it the head coach of Jack's team called and cancelled the game. Now- what on Earth were we to do w/ two wide-eyed-I'm-not-going-to-sleep-anytime-soon children?

Why of course----go get ice cream. We met one of Jacks' buddies from his team and his family at a local ice cream shop that also serves water ice. It's a pretty cool place. After all eight of us housed some water ice and ice cream we went across the street to a soaking wet park to let the kids run around and get rid of some of that energy.

So that brings us to today. It's been gorgeous all day. Sunny. Little clouds. Warm. No sign of rain. But- the forecast calls for a 50% chance of thunderstorms late this afternoon/early evening.

Basically we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.. We are begging and pleading to her to let these boys play. Come on already. Out back yard is a swamp and we certainly don't need any more rain. Rain, rain, STAAAY away.

Until next time....

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