Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh my gosh...


  • it's Friday. Already.
  • Ri only has two more days of school left. Oh boy.
  • and... one of those days is a picnic- so essentially she has only one day. OH BOY!
  • Jack has only one more week left. What?
  • looking forward to seeing one my oldest an dearest friends, Martine, today.
  • glad my mom is here to help w/ the kiddos. Thanks Mom.
  • just ordered a gradutation gift for my fave student ever. I taught her in the 4th grade. Goodness- am I that old? Ugh.

My brain is scattered today. I can't seem to think of anything worthy to write about. I haven't gotten my camera out in a few days so I have no new pics since the park Wednesday. So- I will leave it at this for the weekend.

We're hoping to take the kids swimming tomorrow if the weather holds. I hope it does. Jack's last T-ball game is in the a.m. Boo hoo...

Anyway- enough jibberish..

Until next time...

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