Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Marlins

A tie.

Jack's first t-ball game ended in a tie.

It was super cute. Jack was very excited and played well, especially since it was his very first game!

He batted third and got a single every time he was up to bat, usually hitting it towards third base. He played left field, right field, third base and spent one inning in the dugout. They had one extra player so they took turns who sat out.

He seemed really into it and had a great time. I'm real proud of him for sticking w/ it and listening to his coaches. They are teaching him a lot. Looking forward to a fun couple of months.

Thankfully Ri slept for almost two hours yesterday so she could hang out last night too. She hung out w/ Caroline the entire time and the girls had as much fun as the boys.

Enjoy the pics.

Until next time...

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