Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gokey, Canon, kids

I am sitting here watching American Idol (DVR'd of course so I can FF thru the commercials). Danny Gokey is amazing. I really do think this years set of finalists are the best so far. But then again- I say that every year.

Wonder who will get the boot this week? Two of them go. I am thinking Lil and Anoop. We shall see tomorrow night. It definitely won't be Adam.


As far as the Canon goes.... my mind is UP TO HERE and then some with information overload on Digital SLR cameras. For years I have wanted a 'real' camera. In high school I took two semesters of photography my senior year and since then I have LOVED taking pictures. This love sat on the back burner of my life for quite some time until kids came along. Now- I am quite obsessed with it.

I have been researching online, in stores and in magazines for the right 'one.' I even resorted to posting a Facebook update today on this very topic. Crazy. But- I want to make sure I get the right one. I even sold a bunch of baby junk on Craig's List and the local consignment store so I could contribute. Momma doesn't have a job so that's about all I can do! These cameras are not cheap. But- it's a passion of mine.

A. Serious. Passion.

For. Real.

I have this silly little pipe dream that one day I will make some cash with this little hobby of mine. It isn't too crazy huh? Maybe one day.


As far as the kids... hummmmmm:

  • t-ball practice tomorrow night
  • t-ball game Thursday night
  • swim lesson Thursday
  • park tomorrow
  • still LOVES baseball
  • read a book to Ri tonight for her bedtime story for the first time
  • needs a haircut
  • would buy a Lego EVERY day if we let him
  • would prefer to be shoeless


  • sleeping MUCH better
  • two nights in a row of not waking me up
  • sings ALL the time
  • is obsessed with flip flips
  • also needs a haircut
  • cuts triangles, squares and rectangles
  • refuses to pee in toilet ANYWHERE but home: still
  • has her 1st swim lesson Thursday (and maybe last if it doesn't go well)


That's about it. Gammy and Poppy come Thursday for Jack's game and a weekend full of activities centered around the annual ALS walk in honor of Mr. Mart. And I am having lunch Friday with a dear old friend of mine who I haven't seen in years. Can't wait.

Until next time...

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