Monday, April 6, 2009

Down and out

So the pollen is reeking havoc on all of us but Jack. Todd's been to the Minute Clinic, Ri's got loads of snot and I feel downright crappy tonight. I just hope to get some sleep.

On a lighter note Jack had a baseball game this past weekend and just got home from one tonight. Ri and I couldn't hack the chilly weather so we left about halfway through.

On Saturday Jack played third base for two innings. It's the base they let the 'outfielders' play. Cute though. Both times Jack stopped a grounder and got a runner out at third by tagging the base. Tonight they let him play the 'pitcher position' in the last inning. Although they don't have a pitcher in t-ball they do have a player stand in the circle to grab the 'bunts' or soft grounders. He was REALLY proud of himself. I didn't see it but Todd said he did pretty good, considering it was his first time.
The kids are on spring break this week. We head down to the beach on Wednesday a.m. until Monday. Today we went w/ several of Jack's friends down to Discovery Place and played for a while. Ri loved and fish and water table and Jack loved the building exhibit, of course. We took all the kids to Fuel Pizza and a park down town before heading home.

I'll post sometime later this week from the beach.

Until next time...

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