Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 More Random Things

Riley' Turn

25 Random Things About Riley Milligan

1. Her name was either going to be Riley, Samantha (Sam), or Laney.
2. Her middle name is Monroe-which is my mom's maiden name.
3. She did not like baby food.
4. She did not crawl until about 11 months of age.
5. Just like her brother, she's only had one professional hair cut, the rest I have done. But- she's in dire need of a professional cut now.
6. Her mother likes to buy her shoes.
7. She likes to talk on the phone. A lot.
8. The nurse delivered her b/c the Dr. couldn't make it to the room fast enough.
9. She pooped on the toilet today, for the 2nd time in her little life.
10. She can hold a crayon or pen the correct way and has been for quite some time.
11. She's not a good sleeper.
12. She often sleeps sitting up against pillows (a habit we must break in order to fix # 11).
13. If she could tell you who her best friend was right now she would say Addy. Although she can be mean to her sometimes.
14. She loves her dog Kodiak more then anything in the world, almost.
15. She would live in flip flops if I let her.
16. She 'tries' to dress herself all the time. She can finally put on a pair of pants the right way. Still working on the shirt.
17. She loves anything w/ sugar in it.
18. She likes to 'cook' us dinner in her kitchen.
19. She likes to play Legos w/ Jack, although he doesn't always reciprocate the feeling.
20. She's obsessed w/ the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
21. She loves to drink milk.
22. She would tell you that she is old enough to 'play computer,' just like her brother.
23. She loves to eat rice, applesauce, hot dogs, cheese and ham.
24. She was not a surprise-we wanted her badly!
25. I love her dearly.

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