Sunday, October 19, 2014

Surprise, Surprise

No sitter this weekend so Haddie tagged along to most of the big kids sporting events.  
And- surprise, surprise - she wasn't too much of a pain.  She hung out for two baseball games and half of a lacrosse game.  
(Although the two of us didn't go to soccer yesterday because it was too close to nap time).  

But today was a different story. 
We started the day north of Charlotte at Jack's baseball games.  
Sadly they lost both of their games but Jack played well and pitched great.  Always fun watching him pitch. 
Today ended the fall season of tournaments for the boys.  They do have practice this week (no clue why) and then have two weeks off before starting a training program in November and December.  

Jack's also playing indoor soccer and flag football this winter so he'll stay super busy.  

Hadley had a blast playing with her friend Philomena today.  They haven't seen in each other in quite some time so it was cute watching them play.   

Best picture I could get of the two ladies looking at me.  Of course Hadley was chewing on a doll shoe. 


Actually watching a few minutes of the game.  

Jack played shortstop, 2nd base and pitcher.    

We polished off the weekend with Riley's 2nd lacrosse game.  She got in there with the big girls and held her own.  I love watching her play lax.  Very exciting.  She has one more game next weekend and then a couple more practices to finish off the year.   Then it's time for volleyball!  Another new sport.  Fun fun. 

Until next time…..

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