Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last week Todd and I talked about going apple picking in the mountains on Saturday. 
We researched a few places and planned on getting pumpkins as well. 
Well- plans changed - as usual.  

Ri had a soccer game Saturday AM and that night we were invited to our good friends house with two other couples for s'mores, football, etc..  We have done this several times with this group of friends and it's always a blast.  Good mix of kids and it's easy…. 
So needless to say we ditched the mountains Saturday and were going to go to a local patch for pumpkins but decided to ditch that as well. 
We should have stuck with Saturday as the day to find pumpkins because when we headed out Sunday late AM is was cold and raining.   

Hizzy fell asleep on the way - shocking.  

I love this time of year.  The colors are so beautiful.  The weather is typically nice.  Sports are in full swing for the kids and the holidays are around the corner.  

Sweet moments between these two.  They definitely have a love/hate relationship already.  

Man is he growing up…. way too fast for me.   Love this kid though.
Until next time….

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