Monday, October 6, 2014

First LAX Game and then some

This past weekend was packed with sports for the big kids. 
Saturday Ri's soccer team won their first game.  They have lost one, tied two and now won one.  
The girls have come a long way and it's fun to watch them together.  

Riley played in her first ever lacrosse game as well. 
She was super nervous but worked through those nerves and really enjoyed herself.  
She has a long way to go but for playing with kids in 3rd-5th grades she held her own. 

Jack played two games on Sunday.  Unfortunately they lost both games and didn't get to play in the championship.  
Jack didn't pitch because the coach was saving him for the championship game.  Maybe next time they'll play to win to get IN the big game….  Oh well.  

Fun weekend and thankfully Paa Paa was here once again to help!!

Until next time….

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