Sunday, September 21, 2014

What a weekend.

The phrase 'time flies when you're having fun' was our motto this weekend. 
All of us had tons of fun and man- did it go fast. 
Here we are on another Sunday night with the eve of another week upon us.  

Friday afternoon the kids had friends over and then the boys went to baseball while the girls and I headed to get Ri's hair trimmed and get a bite to eat.  

Then Saturday Riley had her second soccer game. 
She is really improving each and every time she steps on the field.  
I am so proud of her.  Again - it was hot as hell and she only came out a few minutes the entire game.  
She hustled and really went after the ball.  
Her team tied 1-1.  This was way better than last week's but whipping. 

Jack had his second tournament today. 
His team went 2-0 and Jack played awesome.  
He didn't get to pitch in the first tournament because of his fractured finger but he started the 2nd game today. 
Man- he was on fire.  Lots of strikes thrown and apparently he is starting to throw more than fastballs. Who knew? 
I love watching him play baseball - this team is 3-1 on the season and they are a great bunch of kids.  

This afternoon Riley started lacrosse.  She moved up to youth - which means she wears cleats. goggles and a mouth guard.  They also play three games this fall season.  
After watching todays practice I am not sure how in the hell these girls are going to play a real game in two weeks but we'll see.  Should be interesting.  
Most of them (including Ri) have a long way to go but she had a blast today and learned a ton.  
I enjoyed sitting in the shade all by myself watching her.  (Thanks Paa Paa for keeping Hadley for me!)

And- we can't forget -- Jack turns 11 tomorrow!  YIKES.
Another post tomorrow for him. 
Yesterday one of his best friends turned 11.  
The boys spent the day together and had a blast.  

They started the day by participating in a Punt, Pass and Kick Competition at a local elementary school. 
Our boys placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their age division.  No surprise there.  

Next they hung out at JPs and then headed for put put and ice cream.  

Of course they spent the afternoon in JP's pool having a blast.  

Love these three boys and so thankful they have each other.  

We took Jack and Riley to Nakato's last night for Jack's birthday dinner.  
It was quick and yummy.  They sure know how to rush you outta there these days.  

Can't forget the Hizzer.  She went to Ri's soccer game for about 30 minutes yesterday and spent today with Paa Paa and Taylor - one of our sitters.  

Looks to me like she doesn't mind.  

Until next time….

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