Saturday, September 13, 2014

Soccer Begins

Ri had her first soccer game today.
What a huge difference this year is.
Much bigger fields. 
Position playing is much more serious.  

Although our sweet girls lost (by a lot) they played their hearts out.  
It was hot - really hot - and Riley never came out of the game.  She played mostly defense and come offense and really played well.  
We had a sitter for Hadley so the rest of us were able to enjoy the game.  
I loved seeing her play so hard.  She's come a loonnnggg way from a year ago.  

Jack has a 'probable fracture' on his finger and has had it in a splint all week.  

After the game Todd and the big kids hopped in the car and drove to Raleigh to see the Skinner family. Uncle Craig's team is in Raleigh this weekend for a volleyball tournament.  
With all of Had's sleep issues the last two weeks I thought it would be best if her and I stayed home.  

Let's hope she sleeps all night tonight. 

Until next time...

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