Friday, September 5, 2014


We're slowly getting into a nice routine with school starting back.  

Hadley and I are hitting the gym together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  She doesn't cry anymore when she goes to child watch.  Makes me happy. 
My goal is to also go Tuesday and Thursday while she's in school.  So far so good.  

Ri goes back to piano this coming Monday.  She loved her first lesson, then it was Labor Day, so back we go this Monday.  

Soccer started this week with the same group of girls she played with all last year.  Super sweet girls.  They were excited to be back together again.  
Should be a fun season - they have a goalie for the first time and are really learning positions now.  
She's going to an additional practice once a week with most of her team as well.   

And Jack is really enjoying baseball.  The boys play in their first tournament this Sunday so I am praying for no rain.   We have a sitter coming for the 2nd half so I can go without Haddie Mae!

It's been crazy hot this week but will really cool off starting next week- thank goodness.  I'm ready for fall.  

A little sweet video of Had dancing to a TV show. 

Until next time….

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