Friday, September 5, 2014

Oops- how could I forget?

Big, big milestone in our house this week. 
Hadley started preschool!

Ive been so slack about real pictures and blogging that it slipped my mind to document this big moment. 
She walked right in the first day- like she owned the place. 
I guess she only got upset when they tried to put her in the table with seats built in for snack time. 
Luckily they also have a high chair in the room so she worked it out. 

Thursday though… she was a bit fussy.  Paa Paa dropped her off and I guess she wasn't too sure of things. 
But we picked her up two hours later (ease in week - next week is the real deal!) and the class was on a buggy ride. 
Apparently she was fine until she saw us and then she started wailing in the buggy. 

Love my little sweet pea. 

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