Friday, September 12, 2014

One day….

When our kids get married it's inevitable that I will look back through this blog for funny memories of the kids to share.  
Since I have a terrible memory it's a good thing my memories are stored here. 

Here's one for Hadley. 

#beastmodehadley has been in full force lately.   Her sleep issues reared their ugly head over Labor Day weekend and keep popping up every two or three nights.  

And… she's in that really fun (not) stage where if she falls asleep in the car anytime in the AM she will absolutely not nap in the afternoon.  

So - chain of events this week for our Hizzy.

1- Monday night she was up twice in the middle of the night.  Only way to stop the screaming is a few minutes of cartoons.  

2- Tuesday AM she slept until 8:00.  Went to school and LOVED it.  She stayed until 12:45 and her teachers said she did great.  

3- Tuesday night she slept all night.  Praise the Lord. 

4- Wednesday she was up early.  We hit the gyn for 1 1/2 hours and headed to meet a friend for a very early lunch.   Guess who fell asleep in the car?  I tried so hard to keep her awake.   Nope.  She even transferred to her stroller dead asleep.  She slept through a 15 minute trip to Old Navy too. 

5-  You guessed it.  No nap Wednesday afternoon.  Apparently a 20 minute nap in her stroller was all she needed. 

6- Wednesday's are brutal - and Todd wasn't around to help so I did all the running.  They go like this: 
Take jack to baseball carpool at 4:15 ish. 
Get girls Chic-fil-A.
Ri eats dinner in car.  
Had munches too. 
Drop Riley off at Callies' for soccer car pool. 
Bring Had home and feed her.  
Bathe Had. 
Throw her back in the car.
Go get Riley. 
Drive all the way to Pineville to get jack. 
Pick Jack up dinner. 
Bed time…..

7- This Wednesday was a comedy of errors for Hadley.   It went like this:
Get home. 
Feed her dinner. 
Take clothes off b/c they were gross from dinner. 
She tries her hardest to get her diaper off. 
I take the diaper off. 
Head upstairs for a bath. 
Pit stop in my room to put clean towels away. 
Had squats on the bathroom floor- pees and craps out two turds. 
I yell- STOP!!!
She runs into closet and craps out about 10 more turds on the carpet.  
I clean up.  Gross.  
Had runs around naked.  
Bath/get dressed. 
Come downstairs. 
Get Haddie milk for the hour long ride she's about to have before bedtime. 
Had goes into laundry room. 
She shoves a handful of dogwood in her mouth.  
Chews and chews and spits out on her clean pj's.  

Pretty sweet huh?  

8.   Wednesday night- I had to go in her room 6 times.  SIX!  UGH.

9.  Last night she slept from 7:00 until 5:15 this a.m.

Maybe tonight's the charm???

Until next time...

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