Friday, September 26, 2014

Little of This...

This week hasn't been too bad - rain cancelled baseball one night and soccer one night.  
Makes life a little easier for me :)-

But - Hadley has had some congestion which causes a cough now and then.
On Wednesday we dropped Jack off at baseball and headed to pass time at Barnes and Noble since Ri didn't have soccer. 
As we parked Hadley proceeded to cough and then vomit everywhere.  All over herself and all over my diaper bag.  
48 hours later and my car still has a slight smell….  ugh. 

Seriously - how cute is she?

Ri 'forgot' her chapter book at school twice this week (and promptly had to write sentences for me) so she spent one afternoon reading to Haddie on the couch.  Had loved it and so did I.  So sweet. 

Had all kinds of pissed off because she can't get off her bike without falling. 

Love this sweet pic.  It's a national holiday in our house- it's The Ryder Cup.  We caught the tail end this afternoon after an early nap. 

Ri is currently at a sleepover and Jack is watching a movie with a friend. 
Quiet, relaxing night…..

Until next time...

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