Monday, September 22, 2014

11 Years

So today is your 11th birthday.  How on Earth are you 11 years old?  I seems just months ago you were born and made me a mommy.

I will never forget the night Daddy and I found out you were in my belly.  I was shocked and surprised and soooo happy! 

And here we are…  eleven years later.  You are in that phase of life where you’re still a kid but quickly approaching your tween years where friends and sports are more and more important for you.  

Lucky for you – you have a strong group of boys that you’re close with.  Saturday was one of your best friends birthday and you spent the entire day with JP and Matthew.   Each year you add another friend or two to your group of guys and I honestly like every one of them.  I am so glad you’ll have that group of boys to lean on as you head into the middle school years next year. 

And lucky for you – you have landed on a team that you really enjoy and you've proved yourself to be a leader.  

We just signed you up for another season of flag football and you're also playing indoor soccer this winter.  Should be fun!

You're loving 5th grade and so far it's been easy.  Two of your good buddies are in your class for the first time so that makes you happy.  

I am so proud to be your mom and am in awe of what a strong, confident, smart young man you're quickly turning into.  

Remember that I am always here for you.  Always. 
I love you.

6 months

Two days shy of 11. 

Until next time….

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