Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Night Before 5th and 2nd Grade….

I remember taking Jack to Meet the Teacher Night like it was yesterday. 
I remember seeking out PTO reps to introduce myself so I could get involved immediately.  
I remember Jack being nervous, yet excited. 
I remember signing up to be room parent - of course. 
I remember it all. 
And here we are - the eve of Jack's last FIRST day of elementary school.  
5th grade. 
How did we get here?
I do not know but I am so incredibly proud of who he has become. 
The young man he is.  

Getting off the bus the first day. 

Riley and Addy waiting patiently for their big brother and sister to get off the bus. 

First day success!  And my God- that water bottle?  yikes...

Obligatory picture. 

Meet the Teacher Night.

First day of school pictures to come tomorrow.  
Riley is so excited to make new friends this year.  Lots of new kids at our school due to rezoning.  
I am excited for her.  Lots of firsts.

Until next time….

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