Monday, August 4, 2014

Black and White

So the summer is quickly coming to a close.  
Had and I are getting lots of time together this week while the big kids are in camp.  
Ri is doing a ceramics camp and seems to like it. 
Jack is doing a sports camp - apparently it's not as great as the one he did last week.  
Sorry kid- you're still going.  

The big Boomer is always walking around with a cup of ice these days.  
She's obsessed.  

Here's proof: 

Chewing ice.  And drooling some of it too. 

Jack checking his Instagram after camp.  Kid is obsessed.  He's going to be in for  shock when it's limited big time once school starts. 

Love this look.  She's going to check out Jack - who is ONCE AGAIN on his iPod. 

Crazy girl. 

Maybe she was trying to get to her lovie - her other obsession. 

Chilaxin' on her chair - sucking on some cubes. 

Guess what Jack is doing?

Ice cup and Hadley trying to climb on the chair. 

Look at how long her hair is?  Sweet little thing. 

Ri must be going thru a growth spurt- she is ALWAYS in the fridge digging for something. 

Ziti with meat sauce - the aftermath. 

Tried to snap a pic of Ri - this is what I got. 

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