Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Three Weeks

To be honest I had quite a bit of anxiety thinking about what this summer would hold. 
Juggling schedules with three kids - and one who still naps twice a day most of the time. 
Juggling those naps around camp drop offs and pick ups. 
Juggling the pool with Hadley. 
Splitting my attention. 
What the hell would we do on weeks with no camp?
How would Hadley sleep while away from home?
On and on and on.

And - to be honest… it has been great.  And it's flying by. 
Just three short weeks left in this summer. 
Next week both kids have camp. 
Then they go to the beach with Gammy and Poppy (big kids only).
And then it's the last week of school and Paa Paa comes to hang out so I can take kids shopping and have some last minute fun with the big kids. 

Baseball starts very soon - three nights a week. 
Soccer, dance piano….
Not to mention homework and weekend games/tournaments. 
I love to be busy and it looks like it's going to be a busy fall. 

Some summer fun from this afternoon.

Until next time….

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