Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fripp Island- Part Two (plus a cell phone dump)

While on Fripp we went to the beach almost every day.  
If it were up to me we would have been there every day because I love it so much.  
My favorite afternoon was when all the kids went back to the house and Tracy and I sat on the beach by ourselves, drinking beers, soaking in the sun and chatting.   

The tides change quite a bit every day.  
Day one it was low tide at 8:00 a.m.  By the last day it was low tide after lunch.  
Low tide on Fripp is nothing like I've ever seen. 
The beaches are massive.  You can walk football fields out into the ocean without going over your knees.  
And the waves are obsolete - just about.  The are tiny, tiny waves that make no sounds.  
There are tons of horse shoe crabs, jelly fish, shells, etc.  
And the tidal pools rock.   

Ri playing in the tidal pools with Haddie's toys. 

Another view of the beach. 

Love this pic.  

Chilling together. 

Digging holes in the tidal pools. 

Snack time. 

Love these two. 

Crazy girl.  She made it three hours on the beach this day.  Long time!

My sweet hubby and baby girl. 

Spitting image of her Dad.

Of course I didn't have my big camera with me all the time.  
But I did have my cell phone with me most of the time.   

The kids went for a bike ride on the beach. 

Sunset   Gorgeous. 

Comparing toes.  Absolutely hilarious. 

Passed out. 

Fripp has 4 or 5 pools.  I think they swam in all but one of them. 


Terrible pic but Daddy turned 40 on our first full day on Fripp.  He golfed and we had a nice dinner with some friends that live on Fripp in the summers.  

Sweet kids!

Yum.  Her first real ice cream. 

Messy girl. 

Deer are everywhere.  Literally everywhere - all day long. People hand feed them too.  Weird. 

Rock walk to help prevent erosion. 

Biking it. 

At the end of the rock wall.  

More to come….

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