Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fripp Island - Part One

It's Saturday night.  Hadley's in bed.  The kids are watching a show and I am sitting down - finally. 
I have a tendency to want to unpack right away to get it over with when we return from being away. 
Well- when you go away on vacation for a week there's a lot to unpack. 
But I am finished.  We are all unpacked.  
And I grocery shopped.  

So Fripp Island was awesome. 
We had a great time.  
The kids had a blast and I loved watching them have to so much fun. 
It was our first time on Fripp and it's quite pretty.  There is so much to do and the beach is wide and vast at low tide - perfect for Haddie.  

Besides hanging on the beach and swimming in the many pools on Fripp we were busy with lots of fun things.  Some of these include: 

playing cards every day
ice cream runs at night
cooking yummy dinners
bike riding
hunting for ocean animals
paddle boarding
and lots more.  

On our ride home today we talked about the pros and cons of Fripp and DeBordieu and we all agreed that DeBordieu is way better in terms of beauty, 'niceness' etc… but I tell ya' - it sure was nice for the entire family to get away together and relax.  That in and of itself makes this vacation special.   

My camera captured quite a bit and my cell phone captured more memories.  There's a lot to share so I think I'll spread it out over a few posts.  

Our house was right across the street from the beach.  There was this winding path through trees, grass and sand that we had to walk through to get to the beach.  The first morning we were there Hadley was up bright and early before the rest of the house.  

We decided to take a walk to the beach.   This was the one of two times all week we used her stroller.  What a waste of car space that thing was.  

I can see the ocean!

Ghost crab. 

There it is!

Turtle nests. 

Rolled up PJs - ready to tackle the tidal pools. 

The tidals pools change drastically from day to day.  They are always there - just in different shapes and sizes.   

Terrible lighting but cool pic. 

Had didn't know what to think.  She loved it. 


Lots of jelly fish the first couple of days. 


On the search for a sand dollar. 

Jack thought this was a sting ray tail- nope.  It's a horseshoe crab tail.   Horse shoe crabs were everywhere.

More to come….

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