Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fripp Island - Part Four

So much to do on Fripp yet only a week to do them in. 
I think we did a pretty good job of balancing fun activities and down time. 

On Tuesday night the oldest three kids and Tracy went on a paddle boarding tour while Jeff and Todd (with Riley in tow) followed behind in kayaks.  

The tour they went on was 1 1/2 hours and 3.2 miles and half was with the current and wind and the other half was against the current and wind.  Jack only had to be pulled once and that was when he first started and the current pulled him right back into the dock.  

Needless to say they were exhausted upon returning.  

The view from the beginning of the tour.  

Ready for adventure. 

Sweet boy. 

Love him!

Hadley helping Emma pick out a life jacket.  

Inspecting the kayak that Daddy and Ri were about to ride on.  

Love her!

"Training" with their tour guide. 

Hanging with Gammy while Mommy takes pics.   Haddie LOVES ice and was signing the word "more" for more ice.   Funny thing - she now uses that sign when she wants food, drink, ice, etc...

Off they go. 

He had a tough start and wasn't holding the paddle correctly.  

Oops - into the dock!!  

Emma loved it!

Getting hooked up to the guides board - just for a few minutes though to get him going. 

After seeing them off we headed back to the house and I put Haddie down for bed.  Poppy and I headed back down and met them as they came in.  The lighting is so off on these shots!  

Happy girl and tired Daddy. 

Gorgeous view. 

Dolphins!  The kids saw dolphins while paddle boarding. 

Here he comes!

Very proud of Jack.  He made it. 

I definitely think he'll do it again.

More to come….

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