Friday, June 20, 2014

New York City

Starting with Emma, continuing with Ava and now with Jack - Gammy and Poppy have taken each grandchild to NYC for three days and two nights for their 10th birthday. 

This week was Jack's turn.  He was super excited.  Although he's been to NYC a few times - he's never been to the Statue of Liberty - and obviously he hasn't been to the 911 Museum because it just opened.  

He had a great time and I think Gammy and Poppy did too!   
I'm so thankful Jack had this experience with them.  

Airplane selfie with Poppy. 

In the air!


Ferry boat ride to the Statue of Liberty. 

Up high. 

Yankees game.  They won! 

Blue Jays batting practice.  

Selfie at the game. 

Poppy's selfie. 

One tired boy on the train ride home from the Yankees game. 

911 Memorial. 

Egg sandwich on a hard roll.  Not the same down south. 

Great seats!

Until next time….

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