Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today's Day and Age

I'm sure siblings have fought throughout all of mankind. 
If there were a gold medal given for Sibling Fighting Olympics Jack and Riley would compete hard for 1st place. 
It's really obnoxious. 

It's the back and forth and the deep desire to have the last word. 

It's the fact that Riley is younger but also more of a 'Type A' personality like me.  She likes to be in charge and Jack could care less about being in charge. 
That's a problem when Riley is almost 3 years younger. 

A week or so ago I went to Target and the grocery store by myself on a Sunday morning.   
Todd was home with all three kiddos.  

About halfway through my trip to the store I get a text from Jack's iPod: 

Apparently they were fighting and not being nice. 
And apparently Ri found out that Jack was texting me. 

So a few minutes after Jack's text comes through~ a text comes through from Ri's iPad Mini: 

I seriously have to laugh when I get texts like this.  

"He jast smact me mommy."

Love the 'spelling' - or lack thereof - and she always texts "Mom" if I don't respond right away. 

God help those poor kids who couldn't communicate with their parents back in the dark ages! 

Until next time...

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