Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

So I guess Hadley forgot how to suck her thumb.
That leads to a less than desirable napper :(-
When she finds her thumb she goes to sleep just fine. 
Expect for when she forgets that she has a thumb. 

Oh well....  she'll work in out somehow. 

Her one day a week sitter starts this Thursday. 
Mommy and Miss Donna will tag team this week for a few hours so Miss Donna can get to know Hadley. 
I am excited and nervous!  I've never left her with anyone but family but this momma needs a little break and I look forward to it. 

Hadley's been rolling quite a bit. 
Only from her back to her stomach. 
Today she was 'trying to nap' and I was watching her on the monitor.
She had rolled over and was face first in the corner of her crib.

Love this sweetheart sooooo much!!

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