Sunday, August 11, 2013


If my math is correct Jack played 54 holes of golf this past week. 
He just about wore his Poppy out!  
Add in a trip to the golf store for two more clubs, a golf lesson and a day on the practice range and needless to say Jack has been obsessed with golf. 
He has a callous on his hand to show for it. 

He's playing in the Junior Club Championship this week at Cedarwood over two days so at least he'll get his golf fix in now that he's home from the beach. 

After his lesson Jack felt much better about his game.  I haven't been too good about pictures this summer so I made sure I hit the range with him to document his progress. 
Riley wanted to tag along with her clubs. 
Riley's golf skills have a lot to be desired but I think she enjoyed herself.  
Plus- Jack showed her a few things.  
It was cute to watch him show her about golf.  

I did spend a small amount of time on the beach with Jack and Ri this weekend. 
It wasn't enough but will have to do for this summer!
Next summer we'll get more beach time. 

Poor Swish took a tumble off the golf cart this AM when we were out for a ride.  
He always balances himself precariously and it was bound to happen. 
The back tire of the golf cart ran over his leg :((.  
The kids were so upset and cried hysterically for quite some time. 
Todd took him to the emergency vet this afternoon when we get home and he had two staples put in his leg and has to take antibiotics for two weeks. 

He must have been feeling sorry for himself because he walked himself right up onto the couch this AM and laid right down.  

Two more weeks of summer!
It's flown by.

Until next time...

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