Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A List

Mother Nature is bi-polar. I really think she can't decide: spring, winter. Spring. Winter.

Ri is totally tying her shoes. No clue how it happened. She's been close for a while- but started tying them on her own this past weekend.

Jack is over at his best-girl-friends house right now. That's not best girlfriend. It's best-girl-friend. Just wanted to make that clear:). He really adores her to pieces. He's been asking to play with her quite a bit lately. I think he even subliminally convinced her Dad to buy her a basketball goal so he can shoot hoops at her house too.

Speaking of his girl-friend: last week Jack says 'Mom- can E come over for dinner tomorrow night?" So cute.
Riley is at dance right now- practicing her dance recital routine. They are dancing to "Carwash" this year.

Thinking of taking Ri to get a hair cut this evening. She is in desperate need of a trim. She keeps asking to go and I keep saying, "Maybe tomorrow."

Between the disaster in Japan and the unrest in Libya it seems this world is falling apart, slowly but surely.

Missing the sound of the ocean. Haven't been in a while and it might be a while before we get back down there. Darn baseball :)).

Cannot believe we leave for our cruise four weeks from Friday. Seems like only yesterday we were planning this trip.

Two more pics from the other day that I love:

Until next time...

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JLMattson said...

What fun!!!! What cruise???? I must have missed a post along the way.....we have been WAY to busy to post. Planning an entrance to the market 4/1 so I will have LOTS of time to post then. J

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