Monday, March 7, 2011

If you feel so inclined....

Who knew we'd move to Charlotte and meet such special friends?

Who knew a sweet little girl named Adeline Brown would be born 6 months after Riley and live right across the street?

Who knew our little girls would become such great friends?

Who knew that Jack would adore her big sister more than anyone?

Who knew I could love a little girl so much and she's not my own flesh and blood?

Who knew?

And who knew diabetes would creep into her life unexpectedly about a year ago?

Who knew she'd be SUCH A TROOPER?

Who knew she'd take it like a champ?

Well- she did take it like a champ.

She's one in a million!

We love you Bubba and will be with you in spirit on your big day!

Here's her video if you feel so inclined....

Until next time...

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