Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Budding Writer

It's no secret that I like to write. Some of my earliest memories are of my school years and the stories that I wrote in school. I remember Young Author's Conferences and working so hard to publish little books in my classroom.

As I grew I still loved to write but school interfered. I really wish I had been given an opportunity to take a creative writing class but I wasn't. Instead- my creative writing took place late at night lying in bed using a flashlight to guide my way. I'd turn on Journey or Chicago or REO Speedwagon and write away. Most of the time I was pining away teenage girl feelings and it was almost always poetry.

In college my writing was once again squashed into papers and reflections and other such nonsense.

It wasn't until I started teaching that I really started writing again. I wrote with my students, publishing along the way with them. It was honestly some of the best times I had as a teacher. I still hoard all of my journals, my poems, my stories. I'll never part with those words.

So- right now I'm one proud Mom. Jack came home with a really cool published piece of writing yesterday. Last year he was super into writing and played 'writing workshop.' (Yes- a kid that's so into sports also was into writing). But this year he hasn't had that interest. He won't just pick up a piece of paper and write on his own.

So- it's great to see that he's flourishing in writing at school. I am really proud of him.

Here's "Sledding at the YMCA" by Jack Milligan

(The next two pages totally crack me up. He's been reading this series of books called "Geronimo Stilton." In these books the author often changes up the font sizes and colors to reflect a word or two on a page. Jack totally did this in his writing.

So the writer in me LOVES the fact that Jack is using what he reads in his writing!!!

Super cute author's page. Who knew his sister was a good softball player??

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