Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swisher and the Bathtub

So the last few nights when it's been time for baths/showers Swisher's been up and at 'em. That means he heads upstairs with us and joins in on the fun. We certainly don't want him wondering around downstairs, chewing on furniture or mistaking the floor for a bathroom.

He LOVES when Ri's in the tub. He thinks it's so funny and tries to get in.

He actually gets confused when someone is in the shower. He hasn't quite gotten the whole 'clear glass door' thing. It's kinda funny when you're in the shower and he's standing there barking- not sure what in the world is going on.

So- tonight I brought the video camera upstairs with me to capture some of his silliness on tape. Jack was in the shower in our room and Ri was in the tub in her bathroom. I hadn't seen Swish in a few minutes so I started to look around for him. I found him, with a little something in his mouth. See for yourself....

(and enjoy the bathtub scene as well).

Until next time...

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