Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Jack Info

25 Random Things about Jack Milligan-

**Originally written in 2009. Red updates from 2010. Blue updates are from now, February 2011.

1. He sleeps with a stuffed dog. Yep. Still does. Not sure when that will end. Maybe college? Ummm- yeah- still sleeps with that damn thing. Now he has a pillow pet too.

2. He has no loose teeth. Yes- at almost 6 1/2 years old he still does not have a loose tooth. He's lost three- and one is pretty loose on top too.

3. He goes to an endocrinologist twice a year for a weight/height check. We are down to once a year now- he's holding steady at the 3%. Still holding steady in the 3%- still tiny as ever- but we'll take it.

4. He does not like to talk on the phone. Occasionally he will- if he's not engrossed in something else. Rarely talks on the phone.

5. He can be a bit gun-shy in new places. Still the same. But he has much more confidence than one year ago. I'd say that shyness is gone. I would contribute that to his success in sports and academics. He's much much more confident in himself than in years past.

6. He has only had one professional hair cut- the rest have been from me. I'm still his barber. Ditto.

7. He reads books now, cover to cover, with little to no help. Wow- this one has changed, for sure. He is reading beginner chapter books now- with no help. Wow- he's reading 3rd/4th grade level fiction chapter books now. He does like to bring home nonfiction books from the school library too. He likes when I read him poetry.

8. He wants a Lego-building party for his 6th birthday, 7 months from now. His 7th birthday hasn't been mentioned. He ended up with a swim party. Lego's aren't played with much anymore. On occasion (when he can't be outside) he'll play with them- but he'd rather be playing sports, running around outside or playing Wii.

9. He loves to watch sports on T.V. Yep- I'd say besides PLAYING sports, his 2nd fave thing to do it watch them w/ his Dad. Still loves to watch sports. He's also been into MythBusters lately with Todd.

10. He was a 'surprise' although we knew we were ready to have kids. What a great surprise it was too!

11. It was easy to come up w/ his name: he was named after two great-grandpa's.
12. His middle name, Denin, is after his paternal great-grandfather. But he spelled it:Dynan. I thought that was too feminine so we changed the spelling.
13. He got his first tooth at 6 months, on Easter.
14. When he was about 10 months old I couldn't find him. He had crawled up most of the stairs and was turned around staring at me. I rushed to him, praying he wouldn't fall down.
15. He loves to swim. Still loves to swim-
16. He wears a size 11 shoe. 12- only one size up from last year. I'd say he's a 12 /12 to a 1 now- unless they're baseball cleats-which run small.

17. He would tell you his favorite restaurant his Chic-Fi-La. Or Qdoba. Now he'd tell you any place that served tuna sushi rolls.

18. He likes to drink sweet tea when we're out to eat. Or root beer.

19. He orders two meals when we're at Qdoba- kids chicken quesadilla and naked burrito w/ rice, black beans, chicken and cheese. And he eats almost all of it. Not much anymore- just the quesadilla.

20. He does not like milk. Or green beans. Or brussel sprouts. I did try to con him into eating some sprouts the other night. Nope. Not doing it. Funny- I made sprouts again a few weeks ago and he still won't eat them- oh well. He will drink chocolate milk- occasionally. He'll eat green beans now- steamed and tossed with olive oil and garlic powder.

21. He is sensitive and does not like to be reprimanded. He's not as sensitive anymore- just a little. That's gone now :((.

22. He could play at the park for hours. And hours. And hours. And hours.

23. He loves school. Still does- he's excelling in kindergarten- we'll see how next year goes. First grade has been great. We love it even more now that he has his new teacher. She challenges him A LOT, without me even asking. She individualizes learning BIG TIME and expects a lot from her students.

24. He loves to build. (haven't we discussed that one many times- just had to put it in here for future reference) I guess he still loves to build- but that interest has waned.

25. He loves his family.

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