Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Her Own Homework

In kindergarten Jack did not really have any homework, well- if you could call reading 20 minutes 5 times a week homework then sure. But we've been doing that all his life so it was no big deal.

This year; however, is much different. Jack has reading every night, plus a reading log to fill out with varying questions depending on the night. He has math four nights a week and his new teacher (whom we LOOOVE) sends some 2nd grade math homework with Jack 2-3 times a week to do as well. And four nights a week he has Word Study- which consists of sorting words, making patterns, spelling, etc... All of this takes about a 45 minutes to an hour - not bad considering we read during this time as well.

And last week we had to study for a Social Studies test. Yes- a freakin' test in 1st grade. Lucky for Jack (or NOT so lucky) I created a quick pre-test for him and he knew his plains, mountains, oceans and valleys.

So- Miss Priss now has her very own 'homework.' I guess you could call it that. And she is so proud. Her teacher asked us at their conferences a few weeks ago to take some reading tickets home and fill out one per night. Riley then brings them back to school and promptly puts them in her spot on the hanging wall thingamajiggie. Her teacher pulls tickets and asks them about the books they read.

So I've been trying to get Riley to take responsibility for her own reading tickets. Last night she filled the whole thing out herself. I helped her with the date, but she copied it below mine:

Notice she wrote "Riley" and "Ali" on the NAME line. She always does this.
The actual name of her book tonight was "Ten Apples Up On Top." I figured this might be painful to watch her write so we stuck with the main word: Apples.
I helped her with that first 'two' but she was on her own with the rest.
She insisted on writing the author's name (Dr. Seuss) on the back- you can kind of see the writing.
Not too shabby.

I sure hope her 'level' of excitement stays high towards homework through the years.

Until next time...

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