Friday, January 14, 2011

Spies and Sighs

First let me start with Spies.

Jack's been playing 'spy' a lot the last few months. When he has a buddy over and they aren't outside shooting hoops, playing catch or hide-n-seek he's usually inside spying, or doing something that has to do with spying. Spying includes Nerf guns, walkie-talkies, creeping around oh-so-quietly, glasses and how-to notes, among other things.

He'll usually say to his friend: "Hey- you want to S--P---Y on my mom and sister?" Spelling it out since his non-speller of a sister will clearly not get it. Well my friends- she knows how to spell and WRITE spy now. It cracks me up. He cannot pull that one over her anymore. In fact- it's quite hard to pull anything over Riley anymore. Hell- if you walk in her vicinity with a mint in your mouth she'll sniff you out and beg for one.

So- recently Jack put a note on his door proclaiming: "NO GIRLS ALLOWED. ONLY GIRLS THAT ARE MY FRIENDS AND MOMMIES." I guess that means his sister is not allowed in his room. Not to be outdone Riley wants to tape her own sign on her bedroom door. I ask her if she wants help and true to form she emphatically tells me NOPE.

So she gets a piece of paper and a pen, scribbles something on her door all by herself, rips some tape off the dispenser and heads upstairs to slap HER sign on her door. I walk upstairs and look at it. It has some circle shaped thing and then one word: SPY. That's it. No names, no other letters, no numbers. Just spy.

I ask her what it says and she proceeds to ramble on and one about no boys allowed except for her Dad and blah blah blah. I didn't really follow all of that but clearly she thought "SPY" spelled all of that.

Now, for Sighs.

Taking the kids to Target is like wagging a steak in front of a tiger. Seriously. You'd think Jack would try to act his age in Target but it never happens.

Riley had school yesterday so Jack ran errands with me, much to his chagrin. I guess he assumed he'd get to buy something when I told him we were going to Target. Sorry buddy. Christmas was a mere few weeks ago. NOT going to happen.

From the moment we pulled into the parking lot he was asking for another Nerf gun. Now- let's not forget the approximately dozen Nerf guns he already has at home, including the 3 or so new ones he just received for Christmas. But- this was not like his good buddy's Nerf gun that he played with on Wednesday. He was relentless. Asking over and over again. I threw him my iPhone hoping that would distract him for a bit while I surfed the clearance clothes. Still- relentless.

Finally I told him if he said "PLEEAASSEE MOM" one more time he was going to his room for one hour when we returned home. Well- he never said pleeeeaassee mom one more time but he kept sighing. You know the ones. The loud, long, obnoxious shrugyourshouldersdramatically ones.

I guess next time I'll make sure I include 'no sighing' along with no wining. And - he did NOT get a Nerf gun.

Until next time...

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