Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Coundtown is On

We were supposed to go see Swisher today. Didn't work out. The owner's kids were sick so they had to cancel. That's ok though because in 12 short days he'll be home! We can't wait. Time to kick it into high gear and get the crates ready and buy some food.

It's been a great weekend around here. Jack had his first basketball game this season. He's just playing at the Y this winter with one of his best buds John Patrick and one of his new buds Matthew. I always worry that his size will affect him in sports but man- he did amazing. He's so fast on the court and just instinctively knows what to do. He scored four baskets and played well on defense too.

We were able to hang w/ friends last night for football and all day today for more football. We ate way too much and drank a little to much- back to the grind tomorrow.

Waiting on the 4-6 inches of snow to fall tomorrow. Should be lots of fun- until the sleet and freezing rain that's supposed to pile on top of it!

Here's some pics of Jack's first game and of Swisher (sent via owner today).

Until next time...

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