Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wrap Up

Christmas was just what I thought it would be: late night, early morning, excited children, anxious parents, yummy food, fun times.

Jack and Riley were very happy with their goodies. Santa listened, thank goodness.

Some pics from the last few days.

We played Dominoes on Thursday night. Before we started Tracy used every last domino in the tin and built this tall structure.

And then Jack pulled the very bottom domino out and we watched it come tumbling down.

All ten of us played Dominoes- it was a late night for Ri- but she powered through after a couple hours of swimming with Poppy and a long late afternoon nap.

Christmas Eve brought out the traditional decorating of cookies.

And of course a few cookies were eaten as well:).

Ri and Emma were out running some last minute errands w/ their Dad's and Jack and Ava decorated a gingerbread house.

Gammy, Tracy, Emma, Ri and I went to church Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful service with all the greatest Christmas songs. The best part about church was Riley fell asleep in my arms for about an hour. It was so sweet and a tender moment (or hour) I'll never forget.

Here are the kids, barricaded upstairs, while the adults scurry about getting cameras ready downstairs for the 'big reveal.'

Christmas morning: approximately 7:05 a.m.

The kids were blessed this year and I hope they are grateful. We had a great time and before we know it we'll be packing up our Christmas decorations and dragging an empty tree to the end of the drive-way for pick up. It was fun while it lasted.

Until next time...

(A clip of the 'big reveal')

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JLMattson said...

PRECIOUS! Merry Christmas!!!! And a thank you for a lovely time beforehand. -Jerrel and Jon

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